Father's days and phone calls

So, father's day I called my stepdad. We had a nice, but brief phone conversation. It's always a trip to talk to him-we have very different views on life, yet we find a lot of common ground.

Monday morning, my phone rings. It's my stepdad. "Did you call me?" Yeah, last night. "Oh, I was outside and when I came back in, the caller id was blinking". We ended up talking for a half an hour, mainly about the new job (me) and the house cleaning and preparations to eventually move (him).

It hit me today that this seems to happen every time I call him-I get a call the next day and then we have the *real* conversations that go beyond the pleasantries.

We moved down here, with the thought that we didn't want to live so close to Mom and Bill, to give all of us space. Now I feel bad that he's by himself and we're 45 minutes away. It's just a little too far out of his comfort zone to drive and our hectic schedule always interferes in getting over there.

I need to work on that. Hey, at least I figured out the phone call thing! :)


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