Crunch time

Okay, so you don't get any phone calls, the next few weeks, if I don't get you while I'm driving in my car, I won't talk to you. Don't take it personally. Well, if you want to take it personally, go ahead. (Heck, I've done a lot of that the past week myself)

We open in two weeks. Staffing is moving along nicely, I've been extremely fortunate that some incredible people have applied. We'll have a very good blend-students, retirees, a teacher. My challenge is to find dishwashers. One thing in our favor is that we pay much better than many other businesses in our area. Then you add in the employee perks and it makes for some very happy people. (I love staffing and scheduling, so I'm in my glory right now)

I want to post a picture of my 'executive desk' and may do so tomorrow. I'm using a 5 gallon paint bucket for the laptop, another for my planner and sitting in a seat taken out of the boss's Toyota minivan. Nothing but the best!

Life would be a lot easier if we'd ported over to the new webpages. Currently, the back end is only accessible at the store. New system is hosted and can be accessed anywhere. Fortunately, it *will* be functional by the time the store is open for business. Unfortunately, all the stuff I am now doing HAS to be entered onto the old system, so the guests can access their info.


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