Broadway, Baby!

I will always have a soft spot for theatre. If I was so inclined, I could switch my major and be a second semester junior in college (depending on the major), however, I really want my degree to say technical theatre. So there's the history.

One of the hot links at the top of my firefox browser is IMDB, because movies also tweak my interest. It is always good, when having a disagreement about someone's role in a film, to bring up their page and settle the argument once and for all.

Broadway shows? I don't think I'll ever have a dispute over where a show played, how long it played, who was in the cast and what they moved on to. It's just not interesting to anyone else I know.

Apparently, there are others who share that bug for theatre, because there is a counterpart to IMDB. It's IBDB, the Internet Broadway Database.

I've learned some cool stuff...

*the first Broadway show I saw (The Magic Show, Cort Theatre, July 28, 1976-yes, I know the date) had David Ogden Stiers in a very minor role

*the cheapest ticket (2bucks for House of Blue Leaves, Vivian Beaumont, May 2, 1986*) worked out to pennies per name star in it-Danny Aiello, John Spencer, Stockard Channing, Swoozie Kurtz, Ben Stiller, and Julie Haggerty. The reason why it was so cheap was that the theatre department chair was a college buddy of one of the producers.

*the most compelling storyline (Angel's Fall, March 1983) was a show that only ran for 57 performances

Off to find more facts about the various shows I've seen...


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