Blast from the past....

Tonight, Donna, the boys and I climbed aboard the wayback machine and took in a B52s concert at Busch Gardens.

Enjoyed is a more accurate word to describe the event. Fred, Kate, Cindy and Keith put on a great show (Fred is charming and witty) and the new songs off the new album definitely make me want to go pick up the CD. The tour memorabilia was nice, but not 30 dollars nice, so we skipped the T shirts that we'd have bought back in the 80's.

One thing that really bothered us was the quantity of people who were probably there because it was free with park admission. Dead crowd, except for perhaps 100 of us out of the 2000 in attendance. They recognized "Roam" and "Rock Lobster", but not much else got more than polite applause (save the 100 or so previously mentioned-I believe all of us are hoarse right now.) Meanwhile, Donna was dancing, and I was doing my best to keep up-at one point, younger son complained that we were making the benches shake!

The concert was out in a grassy field that was flanked by two of the parks coasters(Gwazi and SheiKra), and the clouds threatened to let loose. Some of the clueless left when the drizzle began about halfway through the show. Losers. At one point, older son asked if we'd leave if it rained. My answer was "Only if the band does." I was NOT missing this, my first concert in about eight years.

Donna got to hear her two favorites from "Wild Planet" and I was very happy to hear "Rock Lobster" and "Planet Claire". I think we both would have loved to hear more. Alas, they're not scheduled to play anywhere nearby for a while. If they were, I'd gladly pay to see them again.

If you have the occasion to see the band, and you're even a casual fan, GO. You won't be disappointed. Cindy and Kate still harmonize well (OMG, Kate's still able to do "Planet Claire" as if you were listening to a Moog), and they still write witty songs. Donna needs to email me the pics from her camera phone-I'll add them later.

Twenty years from now, it'll probably be cool for the boys to say their first concert was the B's.


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