Suckered back into Classmates

Late last month, Classmates sent me one of their dozen emails "please come back. We'll give you a really good deal". Remember, this is the company that I signed up for three months, then they automatically deducted another 15 bucks for another three months.

This time, they offered for me to rejoin for 15 bucks for the year. What prompted me to do it? The little thing they added where you can 'sign the guestbook' to let someone know you visited your profile. I could see people signed it, but not who-unless I was a member.

I am a sucker. That number kept going up and I couldn't see WHO was signing that guest book, saying hello twenty plus years after leaving high school. :) It was teasing me, and finally I couldn't take it anymore. Now I know who has signed the guest book! It seems like a lot of people I have good memories of but didn't socialize with have popped by to say hello. Several have sent some really nice emails, which I find pretty cool.

So, I'm paying it forward. Looking for people that were nice in the sea of hormones and hostility that is any high school and signing their guestbook. If I get an email back, then I share what I liked about them back then. Twenty years later, I think we've all found that life isn't as easy as we thought it would be-why not do something to spread some sunshine?

PS to Ed -Yes, honey. My mom should have named me Pollyanna.


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