Knock, Knock...Murphy calling

So, I'm getting ready for work and decide to wear my sneakers (for the second day) instead of the terribly fugly but oh so comfortable Crocs. This means socks. This means finding socks that match. Uh oh...

I have a scary amount of Disney socks. Probably about 20 to 25 pairs of mickey emblazoned socks, purchased the first day of any hard mark sales event at my old store. How can you resist 1.50 a pair socks, post discount? Good, thick, won't get holes in them anytime soon socks, too.

Well, my friends, you would think that with that many pairs of Mickey socks you'd find two that have Mickey on the same side. I even followed Ray's Law*. This means there are several pairs with a crew top, several more pairs with a plain top, about 8 pairs with a frou frou red top and even 6 pairs of black socks with mickey icons. This doesn't even begin to cover the Tink, Tigger and Pooh socks. (The Pooh socks were 65 cents, post discount, because they're the itchy, sweaty, nylon type)

This of course, means I can't find a flippin pair with the character on opposing sides!

So, I ditch the original plan of crop pants and go for the long pants today.

Score: Socks 2, Suzanne 0. Check back tomorrow and see who wins-the socks or me!

(*Ray's Law-the absolute common sense commandments issued by Dad. In this case, it's Ray's Law number 3 "Thou shalt purchase two or more pairs of the exact same sock, in case one sock is lost." It is so indoctrinated in the head that the boys get 6 packs of all their socks. It also missed my older sister, who didn't understand why I freaked out at ONE pair of brown socks purchased for my then 2 year old son)


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