Happy news for friends

About a year ago or so, a very good friend (who reads this, btw) started in with "I want another one", as in she wanted to have her third child. Me, with my thoughts that kids should not outnumber the parental units, did all that I could to talk her out of it.

Then someone came up with a philosophical question about the issue of "should we have another?" that I thought was pretty astute. Look around the dinner table at your brood and ask yourself if someone is missing. So, I passed this nugget of wisdom on. For me, the table seems fine.

Apparently that question may have helped them in their decision-she's expecting number three! I'm very happy that they made their decision, very happy I'm done (lol) and looking forward to seeing another cute kid. Her son is adorable and contributed to the baby lust by being so cute.

The auto dealerships are going to start salivating when they see them coming-two kids in tow and an obviously pregnant woman! Prepare for that!!

I'll be honest, they'd changed their trip to WDW from December and I didn't give it a second thought. If pressed, I'd think it was Mickey withdrawal that caused them to move up the trip.

(psst, I think part of it was giving each sister a chance at a Godchild!)


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