I want to go out for breakfast. Two reasons: first and foremost, I'm hungry. The second reason is to potentially scope out servers to come work for me. However, Ed can't leave the house until probably 9am-the carriers got a lecture yesterday about not answering the phone when the post office calls them to cover. They could get *fired* for not answering the phone. Even if the call comes in at 2pm.

The work front has been going well. I'm into the third week now, and will be closing every night this week. Added to that is the plan to stay past closing with the cleaning lady. My store won't have a cleaning lady. I figured if I stay and see exactly what the lady does, I can possibly hire someone to do the same tasks in the middle of the day. Knocking around ideas on that front, but I'm not going to stay in local motels to recruit their cleaning people, lol.

I can't believe it's May already. The kids finish up school in three weeks. Yep, three weeks. Granted, they'll start school a month before yours will up north, but it just seems weird that they'll be on summer break for Memorial Day and in school for Labor Day. Well, they'll have a three day weekend for it, but it's not the signal that 'school starts tomorrow' for them.

Random observations about events in the news:
-Tom and Katie had their baby-does it look like a martian?
-So, Denise Richards slams Charlie Sheen in her divorce petition, all the while screwing around with her best friend's husband? Whuzzup with that?
-May 1st-protests for immigration? Folks, most Americans have NO problem with immigrants-its the ILLEGAL part that we have a problem with!
-Gas prices...wow, the oil reserves aren't being stocked and the prices drop a whole three cents. Do you think the average person sees the folly in having TWO oil men in the White House? Do you think they even realize that Bush and Cheney are oil men?


CitiKnight said…
TomKat's baby's a Martian? Can't be: she was artificially inseminated with L. Ron Hubbard's frozen seed! The handler's thought her to be the perfect surrogate/host! (I must now locate my aluminum foil hat and prepare for the wrath of Xenu...)

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