We bought a table last year that I went gaga over. Ed will be the first to tell you, I do not go nuts over furniture. I've got my likes, my dislikes (half the time, they're the polar opposite of my other half) and the "eew, you want THAT in your house".

Last winter, we'd gone to several furniture stores. The saleslady at Haverty's, Jean, led us through the entire store. She listened to what we wanted and showed us this great Arts and Crafts inspired dining room suite (sweet, not suit-grrr Hagerstown flashback there). Then she took us clear across the store to another set they'd just received. She was never pushy and was great at finding what we said we wanted.

I went gaga. I started GUSHING about a piece of furniture. It's counter height and has a parquet style inlay, Arts and Crafts feel to it. I had to have it. We subsequently joined Direct Buy and I said I was still buying that table. I wanted one that would seat 8, because the possibility existed that we'd have both families over at the same time.

In April '05, I went and bought the table to be delivered the day we were to close on the house. Mom was here with me when the table arrived-it was the first piece of furniture in the house. Mom also spilled coffee on one of the seats before we'd owned it an hour, but I was planning on covering the cushions anyway. Funny rememberance-she was mortified and I was laughing-that was exactly WHY I wanted to change the cushions from cream colored!

Christmas came, and we opened the rectangular table into the big square. We left it that way. It stayed open for a very long time. Then, in early March, we got the idea that we'd like to close it down to the smaller size. Uhhhh, we have a problem. The leaf touched the floor. Not good.

I called Haverty's, expecting to pay for a repair. Nope, they sent a technician out and he determined that a retaining clip was never installed on our table. He said he'd order one and I was to call them when I got it, so they could fix it.

Two weeks later, no part. Three weeks pass, they call me to find out why I haven't scheduled. Four weeks-I call them and ask where the part is.

Last week, they called me and told me the part had been discontinued. Oh no! I LOVE this table. Their solution is to bring us a brand new one. I was allowed to choose which day, and Wednesday was the not scheduled 'in store' day, so that's the day I picked.

They got here (I was across the street at the school) right on the dot of the 11:15 to 2:15 window. Delivery driver finds my note on the door and decides to unload the table to save some time. He found a leg had shifted in transit and had a crack-so they loaded up and left. I saw the truck leaving my neighborhood and panicked.

I called Haverty's and they apologized-told me of the break and that we'd reschedule 'at my convenience' next week.

They've been impressive all around. Ed keeps asking if they'll let us keep our broken table. In a way, I think I understand why. We've had some great memories around that piece of furniture already. Now I wish I'd asked them to drop off the clip from their broken table they were bringing back, so I could keep this one.


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