Update to owwwwww

I'm back from my doctor's visit and still in pain, but this is the upshot:

1. I got to see the two nurse practitioners instead of Dr. S (Halleluiah!). The one nurse has pretty much seen me since I moved to Florida as she was involved in the first Doppler they did on my leg in July '04. Seems the wounds are getting worse because there is an underlying infection (who ever though that the capris I was living in prevented infection?).

2. We discussed the what and why and then they went to consult with Dr. S and Dr. J happened to be on the floor (in between surgeries-Thursday is his OR day). Both docs suggested
debridement, while Nurse M thought moist dressing and then an Unna Boot once the infection is gone. Nurse A concurred, and both nurses came to me with the treatment options.

I told Nurse M that I'd called my sister (nursing student) when I couldn't get in to see them, triaged and asked what SHE would do if I were her patient and sis suggested moist dressing, too. Nurse M laughed and told me my sis was going to be a great nurse. Majority to the nurses (and student nurses) and I avoid a painful procedure. (thanks, Kath!)

3. I got antibiotics and more pain meds, moist gauze and two ace wraps. Only down part is that the office staff was really busy and hadn't called in the Darvocet by the time I got to Target, so I may have to go later.

4. Recheck it in a week. If it's on the road to healing, or is healed, then we go to the Unna boot. If not, the debridement is my only option.

5. We haven't gone into what happens after we resolve this issue, but I know it will be soon. As long as I don't see Dr. S, the one dissenting voice, the rest of the team will keep me at work because they feel movement is the best option.

6. I now have a doctor's note to wear the crocs at work. While the plantar faciitis is probably not caused by the vascular disease, it is contributing to the pain and swelling and the crocs are the only shoe to minimize this issue. Boss has unofficially been letting me wear them (and pointing out my leg to anyone who has questions the shoes), but now it makes it easier on her to say 'doctor's orders'.

Now, I suppose I should try to round up some coffee as sleep will not happen without the pain meds. At least I won't have to worry about a doctor thinking I'm a junkie-Nurse M was suprised that I had a two week supply left from surgery (scrip was 20 pills, which means I took 6 back then). Another advantage is that the first thing out of her mouth before writing either script was 'What are you allergic to again?'. She remembered!


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