Glue, part two

Well, sometimes the glue isn't enough, then again...

I wish I had the pics to post, but I think my camera was left behind in Bob's hotel room. Bob just called to confirm this.

We went down to Sarasota last night and saw two more of our oldest and dearest friends. I met Bob (or Bawb, as he's typically addressed) the first day on campus at my alma mater. He now lives in California and is married. The last time we met up in person, to the closest any of us can recall, is 1998. He was about to move to California for a new job and Ed and I were about to purchase our first home together.

While the miles between us were many, the phone calls kept us in touch. It's nice to note that even though we hadn't seen each other in years, last night felt like it'd only been a week since we last hung out at one of our Long Island haunts. Donna had ventured down from Jacksonville, and it was a miniature WHPC reunion. The two of them had noticed a greek restaurant on the main drag in Sarasota, so we went over that way for dinner.

Dinner was awesome, conversation was never lacking and it felt really good to spend the evening in the company of friends. Nice to know that Bob's perverted and twisted mind still exists. For example, this jewelery item pictured? He informed me that it is a sexual toy, lol. I won't be looking at the Neiman Marcus types wearing this item without laughing my ass off now, thank you so much. As this blog is someone PG rated, feel free to contact me to find out what it is, but you can always google Adam and Eve's catalog to find similar products. Hee Hee.

I consider myself very blessed that 22 years later, we can all get together and not miss a beat. Good times.


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