Ten Years Ago Today

I started this blog.

While I haven't written much lately, the urge to write is still here.  Much of it is career and research based, so I'm not sure if this is the right venue for that content.  Perhaps I should write more about the craft beers we've been drinking, or the upcoming trip(s), or the other stuff going on.

A coworker who barely talks to me (because I'm not young OR cute...) came to me yesterday to ask me where the good sushi places are near work.  I found it funny that he was coming to ask me something, and that about a restaurant.  It seems that my coworkers told him 'you want to know where the good places are, just ask Suzanne-she knows them all."

It's rather cool to have that reputation, and it made me smile.  I truly am the product of my parents.  They always were called upon to get suggestions for the new, the good or whatever specific cuisine someone was in the mood for.

Thing is, he'd had another restaurant in mind, because it was closer to work.  It sits between two favorite restaurants (a BBQ place and a Lebanese quick serve), and I was honest that I hadn't tried it since the remodel, but that it appears empty when the line at the 'Que place is out the door, despite some really good lunch specials advertised.  Considering that the suggested sushi place is within five minutes, I take that as a sign that they're not as good.

It is now on the list to try, so I can confirm my suspicions.  Only problem is that my usual lunch buddy doesn't eat sushi.  It will probably happen on a day she's not working.


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