Back to Work

Wednesday, I return to the world of the working. After several really good interviews, I actually went with the job where the interview started off with NO energy.

You know what I mean, right? The interviewers are not apathetic, they're engaged, they're just not extroverted, bubbly people. It doesn't happen very often, but when faced with that situation, I always assume the worst and think I'm the bench filler applicant, the one that helps them fulfill their quota to say that they interviewed 'people' instead of 1 person for a job. Still, I had been brought in after they gave me some flawed course materials and I had 48 hours to fix it. So, they liked my work enough to bring me in.

The last half of the interview was a lot more energetic than the first, and I left with an okay vibe, but the next interview at another company a few hours later really excited me-even though it isn't directly in my field. Still, the first company came back with an offer and after touching base with the three other companies I'd interviewed with, I found that none of them were close to making their decision yet. I was.

It is a large company and instead of being one of two who do my role, I'll be among at least a dozen people doing the same thing. From the gist of the interview and questions asked, it sounds like they're purchasing a product that isn't used in my field, one that I'm very familiar with. Either one of the clients uses it, wants to use it, or they are contemplating it in-house. Which makes it sound like I'll have the variety I crave.

Now, to juggle a ton of philosophy reading, a contract role for 5 to 10 hours a week, and a full time job. It should be lots of fun.


Saffa Chick said…
That's wonderful - congratulations!

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