Four days to go!

It's a go. We are FINALLY taking our trip to California. When this was first planned, I was an ASM with Disney Store and we'd get into Disneyland for free. Alas, we'll be paying A LOT to go now, but WE'RE GOING!!!! This morning's agenda is to find cheap rental car, but I think I've got that covered. Next up, figuring out how much it's going to cost to get to the airport. Our airport charges 11 bucks a day for parking, let's see if we can get four of us to the airport and back for less than 100 bucks.

Three reschedules thanks in part to the DM who approved the vacation, then was beholden to the new ASM at my store who said 'he couldn't work without me'. If that hadn't happened, we would have seen the park Walt walked in 18 months ago.

The car still smells like epoxy. I think I need to put an air freshener in it while we're out of town.

Florida primaries yesterday. Fortunately, one of the morons running for governor was creamed. Hmmm, ad campaign? Preserving marriage as between a man and a woman, and removing 'adult' billboards from our roadways. Hello? Is there a brain in there? Floridians have bigger issues, such as the way homeowner's insurance has doubled in a year and the state's education ranking.

Scary Medusa Woman (SMW), otherwise known as Kathryn Harris, was told by the Republican party that she would not receive their support and ran anyway. SMW won the Republican primary-please pray for us. This woman is SCARY. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, think dangling chads.

I sure miss being around the Beltway. At least the politicians there had a clue.


Jane said…
Hey guys need a lift...I think I can heop ya out

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