Day One

Legoland was the first stop on our west coast journey. After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we drove three miles to the park. We're so conditioned to WDW that at 10 minutes prior to park opening, we were shocked that the parking lot was nearly empty!

The next shock was paying for the tickets. We lost the free tickets for the boys in the debris moved from our old office in the house to its temporary home. Ouch. I'm sure they'll be found within a day of getting back to Florida-100 bucks that won't be recovered!

However, the park was quite pleasant. The boys are the perfect age for this-another two years and I think they'd have scoffed at the rides. The Lego sculptures and art were impressive. We were able to do the whole park in the 7 hours that it was open, as one section was geared towards preschoolers.

After leaving the park, we continued on Cannon avenue to the Pacific. Yep, we're that close. We took a drive down PCH for about 10 miles and got some pictures. As our goal this trip is to not eat in any chain restaurants (other than ones based on the west coast only), we scoped out a place to eat. We headed back to our hotel for a bit, then ventured out for dinner. We detoured to a clifftop parking area to view the sunset.

I wish I could get YUM! to allow me to post, because this restaurant was incredible. If you're ever in Leucida, California, you MUST have dinner at Jimmy's. Atmosphere was relaxed and the food perfect. I had a huge pork chop with the right amount of crispy chargrilling and demiglace. Ed had a citrus chili flank steak. Both were cooked to perfection and served with cheddar mashed and a veggie medley. The kids loved their meals, Kevin getting a wood fired pizza from their sister restaurant next door.

No, the meal was not cheap-but it was worth every penny.

Tomorrow's plans are for the San Diego Zoo and probably downtown for dinner.


Anonymous said…
Sooz..only chains I know that are west-coast only:

Jack in The Box
El Pollo Loco
Del Taco

..but if you can avoid the chains all together..more power to you.


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