Of Life, Cruises, and a Whole Bunch of Other Stuff

Seems that once you break a years-long blogging streak, you tend to think 'screw it', and don't really write very much. Not for a lack of anything to say, rather, just the habit has been broken.

Last month, we went on a trip that was a lot of fun. I uploaded the pictures to the laptop and then it wouldn't add them to my posts. There are some things kerflooey with the laptop, so I figured that I'd just upload the pictures to the iMac and I'd be good to go. Um, for some strange reason, the iMac is not recognizing the SD card slot or some of the USB plugs. So, the post still sits in draft. Next up, loading the pictures onto the OTHER laptop (the one I purchased last year and then got the older laptop fixed) and getting those pictures on that draft post and putting them up.

So yeah, trip. The promoter of the cruise Ed and I went on in April sent out a steal of a deal offer and I was of the mind that we would do whatever we could to be ON that ship. I mean, how often can you cruise as a family of four, including the adult beverages and photographs, for less than a thousand bucks? On a good cruise line, and a ship you've already been on and like? You would go, too, right? Heck, we even found our favorite bartender from the previous cruise on the first night AND he remembered Ed (distinctive beard FTW).

This time, the boys went. GameTeen liked the unlimited food whenever he felt like it, Chef liked the things to do, the time hanging out, and meeting some of our friends from the previous cruise. He also did a bunch of shutterbugging. As a result, the plans are now to bring him on the next Prog cruise, where his fare alone will be more than we paid for four of us to cruise for four nights. It won't be nearly as relaxing, but it will be quite enjoyable!

The holidays rapidly approach and they'll be different for us this time around, just as Thanksgiving was different from years past. We had nine of us around the table, a mix of extended family and friends, and as I'd hoped-all the guests got on very well! Christmas currently involves visiting the niece and her family, with my sister flying in from New Jersey. Then I suggested a cookie baking marathon for next weekend, with niece, sister, Chef, and I filling the house with sweet smells.

When I was teaching, I'd picked up a Silhouette Cameo, a die-cutting machine that allows one to do some crafty stuff easily. It has been brought out every once in a while, but not used on a consistent basis. Mainly because I didn't have the time. However, I joined a few Facebook groups devoted to the machine and got many ideas of things I'd like to do, and started buying up supplies to do such things as I found a bit of time.

Then I asked the de facto social coordinator at work if we were having a baby shower for another coworker and that is how I got drafted into helping to plan the event, not that I minded. Decorating plans involved me making an elephant banner for the event and now that it is out and in use, the Silhouette is getting put into service for a few gifts. A friend suggested some things I could make and put on etsy, which is a possibility. I have to save money for that next cruise, after all!

Yes, there's a lot more going on and about a dozen Urban Spoon writeups that need to be posted, but this is enough for one time!


Nice to see you back

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