Nails and More Nails

I've had quite a few trips to Mandi that I haven't blogged about, so a round up of all those trips is in order: First, today's manicure. She'd done some marbling on another client's nails and offered to do mine. I think we needed more contrast and she agreed, so we'll try it with the next visit.

I think I'd mentioned that she returned to being a nail tech after several years away, raising her daughters. In that gap is when gel nail polishes took off, which means her return involved trying out three different types of UV Gels-and having a large palette of colors to choose from. (Get ready for a fourth to appear soon, as Essie joins the market with UV Gel polish soon!).

Anyway, because she's a latecomer to it, she didn't know that CND's Shellac line really played up layering to make new colors. I shared my links and was a bit disappointed that Hillary at Solessence has really moved away from the color swatching she'd done a couple of years ago. It's really tricky to navigate to find those images with layers. Anyway, I picked two colors and explained that it really would work, starting with Plum Paisley and topping with Romantique.

It is a little subdued as compared to my usual colors, but I like it. There were many compliments and a few questions about what color it was. The one picture is from my drive to the salon. My nails are far longer than they usually are here, and I had them cut back to the sportier length I prefer.

I've said it before, the Gelish colors seem to wear on my nails the best, getting to three weeks between visits without a single nail peeling. It seems that this is the case for nearly all of Mandi's clients, so she is working on building her Gelish color selection. I loved this Sea Glass, especially with the layer of glitter.

This is Gelish My Favorite Accessory, also with a nice dusting of glitter.

I want to say this is Gelish Hello, Merlot, but I need to double check this. It may be Shellac, but I can't remember using Shellac in the recent past, except for the one layering visit.

Let's just say it is nice to have a steady paycheck and visits to my nail tech!


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