Employment Searches and Linked In

Officially, I was hired for a part time job today, but the wheels were set in motion a couple of weeks ago for me to return to doing Instructional Design. It is completely flexible, and I will complete a lot of my work from home at the same hourly rate I'd been earning before. One of my coworkers (who does all the hiring paperwork) is a little miffed that they didn't carve out a place for me to work on site, but such is life.

However, I still have to fulfill my obligations to search for a job to receive unemployment for the past two weeks. In the state of Florida, that either means that I must make five contacts or I can pay one visit to the job services office. As I've been reading and working towards writing some 30 pages for school this week, I opted to take the time to go check in to the job services office, a place I have not been since 2011, prior to earning my masters degree and working in my profession.

So, I check in and am assigned a computer. Once I log into the same Employ Florida Marketplace that I've done dozens of times at home, I enter in "Instructional Designer" and several other search criteria. It brings up a part time librarian job at a local university. Then add that the work schedule would prevent me from attending classes, and it's off the table.

The second job looks promising. Everything looks good, except the lifting 50 pounds regularly. Still, I figure what the heck, I'll apply, even though I can't meet the requirement. Employ Florida takes me directly to the employer's website, where I can log in via LinkedIn, rather than type in my resume. Considering that I use LinkedIn to full advantage and have my CV information up to date, I like this option. Unfortunately, clicking on the link does nothing. A little troubleshooting and I see a narrow red bar along the page, just above the red bar that's part of the employer's website. The new one informs me 'error, retry entry.' After several tries, I give up and figure I can apply from home.

A third job is equally promising, without the lifting requirement. Even better, the employer listed the job as a 'blind' meaning the name of the company is hidden, a week after they'd posted it with their name prominently displayed. The job descriptions are identical, which tips their hand. The blind lists the salary, which is higher than what I'd made previously. Okay, not bad-the days I'd have to be on campus would be tricky, but I'll cross that bridge if I get to it.

It also offers the 'apply with LinkedIn option', which I again try to do unsuccessfully. Now, the troubleshooting part of my training comes into play, and I note several things. I call over one of the career counselors, show him what was happening and ask 'Do you have social media blocked?', which of course they do. Including LinkedIn. Whoops.

I get that it is a form of social media, but it is one geared towards seeking employment!

So, I came home and was able to apply for both jobs in less than 20 minutes.


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